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Description for led flood lights

led flood lights are designed at LED Flood Light Guys to replace the traditional high output lights that consumed a lot of energy. The led flood lights from LED Flood Light Guys consume less power but give a very high lumen output due to the design and material used. Normally waterproof for both outdoor and indoor flood light functioning, they are based on the light emitting diode technology.



The light emitting diode flood lights from LED Flood Light Guys differ on intensity of light emitted depending on the amount of energy they consume. Apart from this LED Flood Light Guys manufactures led flood lights that may vary according to the construction for housing of the light itself. Such forms of housing include; tempered glass housing with lenses to keep the led moisture free, aluminium coated metal housing for outdoors that is be resistant to corrosion and rust.



The lifespan of led lights from LED Flood Light Guys are designed to have an undisputable lifespan according to the size of energy consumed and the number of hours for use. For instance the high performances rated leds are bound to have a lifespan of around 45000 hours of undisputed usage. Differently rated leds are bound to have varying lifespan periods. For LED Flood Light Guys high rated led flood lights that are constructed for outdoor usage, their lifespan is bound to be longer than for the similarly high rated led lights for indoor due to the length of uninterrupted usage. For led flood lights with a long lifespan of interrupted usage, call us through 888-213-9512 today to flood light your yard, parking lot or any other space requiring flood lighting.

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LED Flood Lights


For an absolute value of the resources used in the purchase and installation of led flood lights from LED Flood Light Guys the maintenance portfolio left out for the user is minimised to one time practices such as ensuring a very efficient casing construction for the led itself. This way moisture is easily kept off the led that is known to be the basic cause of led flood light malfunction. The rest is a pretty maintenance free lifespan of quality products from LED Flood Light Guys. Dial 888-213-9512 today to order and purchase led flood lights that offer you a prolonged maintenance-free high optic illumination.

The installation process for led flood lights from LED Flood Light Guys is pretty much an easy process that can be performed any time since the led flood lights fit easily into the pre-established junction box on walls or hanging under eave. In case of required flood lighting at areas that require precise lighting, the led flood lights with adjustable head are best suited to offer lighting over the predefined area.


Most people overlook the transportation aspect of the led flood lights, but given the fragile nature of the led itself, the casing notwithstanding LED Flood Light Guys organises delivery services for its clients, especially where there are massive lighting projects and a large number of led lights are required. The led should be kept very dry and free from any form of moisture so that their illumination is not affected. They should also be handled gently to avoid breakage.

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